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EZ Brush

Effortlessly Clean Your Pool Walls with POOLAZA's Premium Nylon Bristle Pool Brush - Featuring EZ Clip and High-Efficiency Curved Ends!

- Easy to Use: The POOLAZA Pool Brush is designed with an EZ clip that allows for easy attachment and detachment to your pool pole. This makes it easy to use and switch out with other cleaning tools as needed, saving you time and effort in your pool maintenance routine.
- Versatile: The POOLAZA Pool Brush is suitable for use on all types of pool surfaces, including vinyl, fiberglass, and concre

The POOLAZA Pool Brush is the perfect tool for keeping your pool walls clean and free of debris. With a length of 17.5 inches, this brush is long enough to reach all areas of your pool, including hard-to-reach corners and edges. Its premium nylon bristles are tough enough to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime, yet gentle enough to avoid scratching your pool's delicate surfaces. The brush head is equipped with an EZ clip, making it easy to attach and detach from your pool cleaning pole. The curved ends of the brush also help to increase its efficiency, allowing you to clean more effectively with less effort. Overall, the POOLAZA Pool Brush is an essential tool for any pool owner looking to maintain a clean and healthy swimming environment.